Monday, January 25, 2010


Karaoke club in Ixiamas. They play a LOT of Eminem.

From the top of the Jasmine Hotel in Rurrenabaque.

Karlito playing in the courtyard with the other kids in the Jasmine Hotel.

Crossing the Beni River on the barge.

My friend, Mary Luz.

Mountains on the San Buena side of the Beni River.

Not sure what this is.

A barge carrying a truck across the Beni River.

Karlito sleeping on the van’s bench seat in front of us.

Our friend, Eduardo, in Ixiamas.

Yes, those are actual clouds, not fog.

One of my favorite photos of Bolivia.

One of the roads on one of our trips around Bolivia. Don’t look down!

Mary Luz’s beautiful home, taken from my room’s doorway.

Our friendly lizard on an early visit.

Only picture I took of the Piray River in Santa Cruz. Mary Luz, Karlito, and I walked down there from her house, about three miles, but took the micro back because it started to pour down rain.

Karlito, when we were looking at land. He was terrified of the cow in the background.

Me, in our room at Mary Luz’s house.

Karlito took this.

The Angosturra River. Yes, we walked across it. It was great! That is Monica and Mary Luz in the water.



Karlito and Ruth.

Karlito and me in front of our house.

Cristina, Ruth’s little sister. Yes, I know, I need to lighten it up some.

Karlito chasing chickens.

Karlito y Ruth.

Tres novias de Karlito. Gloria, Maricela, Mari Lus, Karlito, y Ruth.

This is Karlito standing on the barge. I couldn’t get a body shot of him because I was worried he go flying into the water. Silly boy!

This is one of the many streams we drove through between San Buena and Ixiamas. Beautiful!!!

The creek at Sarah’s place outside of Ixiamas. Yes, we drank the water here, and never got sick.

When you get off the barge in San Buena, this is the climb you get to make.

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